Who we are

We are a small independent software company. Our focus is the development of software systems or components with a complex mathematical, physical background.

Our experience is how to structure and model the knowledge of our customers to develop the expected software system. Tools like databases, rule systems, neural networks, and mathematical, physical and empirical models are usually used. In most cases, however, the combination of these tools is necessary to get the desired system.

To develop the system an intensive cooperation with the departments of our clients is necessary. Starting from a simple specification, which essentially describes the inputs and expected outputs of the system, we will work with the departments in a kind agile process to develop a simple functional prototype that can be expanded in a further step to a complete system.

In the examples we described some, albeit older systems briefly. A key point is that the reader should understand the functionality and complexity, without the knowledge of our clients to publish here.

As compensation for our main activity we are developing software for musicians. We don’t want to create software for the stars of the scene. They have a huge budget to create tailored software for their needs with a great support from the instruments vendors. Our focus is on creating standard software for solo entertainers and cover bands. These musicians have usually on a restricted budget and have to deliver a professional show, too. We want to support them with our products. We appreciate suggestions for additions to the existing products or new products.